Cost of esophageal cancer treatment in India

What is the cost of esophageal cancer treatment in India?

Treatment in India is one-third the cost of western countries like the USA and Unites Kingdom and hence India is one of the leading countries as a preferred destination for medical treatments. Due to our long-standing association with hospitals, we ensure the treatment of esophageal cancer at an affordable cost, this includes both diagnosis and treatment.

The table below shows the detailed cost estimate for the treatment of Esophageal cancer in India:

PET Scan Chemotherapy* Radiation Therapy* Immunotherapy* Surgery*
$480 – $680
$2800 – $3800
$4000 – $5000

*If Required

When planning for treatment in India you also need to consider additional costs such as hotel stay, food, etc but we provide you with service apartments at low cost and also ensure you in finding out the best hospital for lung cancer treatment in India at the lowest cost for diagnosis and treatment.

NOTE: Service apartments are unavailable due to COVID – 19

Want to plan your esophageal cancer treatment in India?

We will help you in planning your treatment, find and connect with the best hospitals, affordable hotels or service apartments for stay and provide you medications after treatment at a discounted rate. 

Why choose India for your treatment of esophageal cancer?

In 2017, around 500,000 patients have visited India for their treatment and the number has been rising since then making India the third-largest country preferred by patients for their treatment. Certain points make India one of the best countries for the treatment of foreign nationals:

  • Cost
  • Ease of travel

Affordable Cost of treatment:

India is the third-largest country that people choose for their medical treatment. This is because of the excellent medical services and infrastructure that comply with international standards while still being 80% – 90% cheaper or one-tenth the cost of treatment in most of the western countries like the USA and UK.

Ease of travel:

There is no compulsion of medical visa for patients who are from Gulf countries. The maximum length of stay in India for patients with a medical visa is 6 months. For some select countries, a 30-day medical visa can be issued by patients for treatment. 

Get an online consultation with the best oncologists in India for your treatment of esophageal cancer with the hassle-free arrangement of post-operative recovery care, travel, and stay. Due to our decade long experience, we ensure that you find the best hospitals for the treatment of esophageal cancer. The sooner you receive treatment, the better. If you have any queries, doubts, or need more information, contact us now.

The checklist given below will help you in planning your treatment in India:

checklist to help people plan their treatment in India at an affordable cost.
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