Cost of liver cancer treatment in India

Verified By: Dr. Rakesh Rai (American Society of Transplant Fellowship, MD, FRCS, CCST) |Updated On February 8, 2021

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What is the cost of liver cancer treatment in India?

The cost of treatment of liver cancer starts from $6000 but may vary as the treatment plan is different for each patient depending on their condition & stage of cancer they are diagnosed with.

The table below gives detailed info about the cost of liver cancer treatment in India:

PET Scan (USD) Chemotherapy (USD) Radiation Therapy (USD) Surgery (USD)
$300 – $680
$2800 – $3500
$4800 – $5800

What about accommodation services during your stay in India?

You do not need to worry about that either as we provide service apartments to patients which is way cheaper than hotels. To elaborate it the cost of a stay in a hotel for a day is $55 while a service apartment will cost you around $25 – $30 per day which means you save around $25 per day. Also, service apartments have an added advantage that you can cook food yourself which is more hygienic and cheap than buying it from a restaurant. Homemade food will cost you around $5 per day when you add the cost of both service apartments and food its total of $35 per day.

NOTE: Service apartments are unavailable due to COVID – 19

If you still do not prefer service apartments then we also help you in finding suitable and affordable hotels that are within a kilometre of the hospital. The average cost of a hotel suite including lunch and dinner will be you around $75 per day. If you want to undergo treatment in India you can contact us at our Email: or Whatsapp Us: +918928811870.

Want to book a service apartment?

We will provide you with the best possible service apartments that meet your requirement.


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