Cost of lung cancer treatment in India

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What is the cost of lung cancer treatment in India?

Treatment in India is one-third the cost of western countries like the USA and Unites Kingdom and hence India is one of the leading countries for the treatment of lung cancer. Due to our long-standing association with hospitals, we can ensure Lung cancer treatment at the lowest cost, i.e diagnosis and treatment.

The table below shows the detailed cost estimate for the treatment of lung cancer in India:

PET Scan Surgery* Chemotherapy* Radiation Therapy* Immunotherapy*
$4500 – $6000
$450 – $600
$2500 – $3500

* if required

Infographic shows the cost of lung cancer treatment in India.

When planning for treatment in India you also need to consider additional costs such as hotel stay, food, etc.

What about planning your accommodation in India?

Now that you know about the treatment options and the cost of treatment, you need to plan your accommodations in India.

What do you need to know:

  • Length of stay in India: Anywhere between 15 days to 2 months.
  • Accommodation options: Service apartments or hotel suits.

If you are on a tight budget then we suggest service apartments as the best option for your stay. The table below gives a brief difference between service apartments and hotel suites which help you choose the best option for you:

Cost of accommodation if you opt to stay in a hotel: Cost of accommodation if you opt for a service apartment:
If you stay in a hotel then it will cost you a minimum of $55 a day. This means $1650 a month.
The cost of a service apartment is $35 per day. That makes it $1050 per month
Your daily food will cost around $20 per day (minimum). That will be a total of $600 a month
Your daily food expenses will be an average of $6 per day i.e $180 a month (if you cook it at home)
The total amount of expense spent on accommodation & food will be $2250 a month.
The total amount of expenses spent on food and service apartments will be an average of $1230 a month.

NOTE: Service apartments are unavailable due to COVID – 19

As given in the table above you save around $1000 if you opt for a service apartment, not to mention that you get to cook food according to your preference which is healthier than food ordered from outside.

Considering all the cost calculations given above, your lung cancer treatment in India will cost you an average of  $7500 which includes the treatment package & the accommodation package.

Want to plan your treatment in India?

Contact us and we will help you find the best hospitals & service apartments in India. Ensuring that your treatment is done at an affordable cost.

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The checklist given below will help you plan your treatment in India:

checklist to help people plan their treatment in India at an affordable cost.
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