Cost of prostate cancer treatment in India

Prostate cancer treatment in India:

Now that you have decided to undergo your treatment, you will have to pre-plan for it.

What you need to consider:

  • Best hospital for your treatment (find it here)
  • Cost of treatment
  • Length of stay
  • Place of accommodation
  • Cost of accommodation and food

What is the cost of prostate cancer treatment in India?

The cost of treatment of prostate cancer in India starts from $3500. This can increase or decrease depending on the treatment plan the doctor has chosen for the patient. The table below gives detailed info about the cost of different treatment options in India for prostate cancer:

Treatment Cost
PET Scan
$480 – $680
Radiation Therapy
$2800 – $3400
Hormonal Therapy
$2200 – $2800

Accommodation & food:

During your treatment, you will have to find a place for you and your relatives to stay. You can either choose a hotel or a service apartment. You will find a proper breakdown of the difference between hotels and service apartments and what would be more suitable for you in the table below:

Cost of accommodation if you opt to stay in a hotel: Cost of accommodation if you opt for a service apartment:
If you stay in a hotel then it will cost you a minimum of $55 a day. This means $1650 a month.
Cost of service apartment is $25 - $30 per day
Your daily food will cost around $20 per day (minimum). That will be a total of $600 a month
You will only have to spend on food that will be an average cost of $180 a month (if you make it at home – which means you can cook as per your preference)
The total amount of expense spent on accommodation & food will be $2250 a month.
The average amount of expense spent on accommodation & food will cost $1080 a month.

You save around $1200 per month if you opt for a service apartment. The advantage of a service apartment as shown in the table above is that you can cook food according to your preference at home which is way healthier than the food you buy from outside or a hotel.

Want to book a service apartment?

Find the best service apartments which are near the hospital.

But if you still prefer a hotel for your stay we will help you find affordable hotels near the hospital. For more info, you can contact us on our EMAIL: [email protected]

The checklist given below will help you plan your treatment in India:

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