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Cochlear Implant Surgery in India | Cochlear Implant Surgery Cost

Affordable Cochlear Implant Surgery Cost in India

What is a cochlear implant and what does a cochlear implant device do?

‘You need to listen if you want to speak’ rightly explains the need to resort to the best hearing technology when it comes to treating hearing loss. Health technology has created marvels in the world of medicine. A cochlear implant is one of the most suitable examples of innovation at its best dealing with hearing impairment. Profound hearing loss and hearing disability can now be effectively dealt with by undergoing cochlear implant surgery which helps patients in developing or restoring their hearing abilities. The cochlear implants surgery is thus a big kick start towards their new life with speech and hearing and can be termed a magic cure for people with total or significant hearing loss.

A woman is wearing a cochlear implant

Cochlear implants actually bypass the normal hearing mechanism wherein our external ear receives and sends sounds to the inner ear (cochlea) from where it is transmitted to the brain. The cochlear implant is a super-specialized electronic device that works as the inner ear, in the sense that it replaces the work of a damaged inner ear. As it delivers the received sound stimulus from the external environment, the cochlear implant sends these sounds via the cochlear nerve to the brain.

What are the components of a Cochlear Implant?

Manufactured with great technological details, the cochlear implant comprises an external and internal apparatus. 

There are three different parts of cochlear implant which are Microphone, processor and Transmitter headpiece

The main external parts are:

  • Microphone (one or more) – the main function of the microphone is to pick up sounds from the outside world. It is thus suitably placed somewhere behind the patient’s ear generally.
  • Speech processor – In order to filter out unnecessary noise, this processor is specially made to filter sound signals important for audible speech.  
  • Transmitter – its main function is to send signals and power to the receiver sitting inside and it achieves this job by the process of electromagnetic induction.

The internal implant apparatus consists of:

  • Receiver – This inevitable part works to receive signals and then processes the sounds into electric impulses.
  • Electrode array – Placed deep within the cochlea, this is the most important part of the cochlear implant as it completes the function by stimulating the cochlear nerve and thus sends signals to the brain.

How is the cochlear implant procedure done?

After the audiological evaluation is completed and the sensorineural hearing loss is confirmed, the lead cochlear implant surgeon will recommend an implant operation on the damaged ears.

An image showing treatment of baby ear

The most common approach that most implant surgeons stick to is mastoidectomy which is a small incision near the ear to place the cochlear implant within the affected ear. This surgery is done under general anesthesia. Like any other surgical procedure, the surgery has its own list of risks involved, the most common being ear or mastoid infection, facial nerve damage resulting in facial muscle weakness and device failure. However, most cochlear implant surgeons have their own cochlear implant program with a well-devised implant system of procedures to be followed and precautions to be taken. 

What are the benefits of a Cochlear Implant?

Studies have shown many positive results after a cochlear implant like improvement in sound localization for both kinds of hearing loss, before or after acquiring speech. Patients have also shown improved speech perception and near-normal hearing levels. Cochlear implants have been successfully used to treat tinnitus.

When used for children with profound or severe hearing loss by birth, cochlear implants can prove to be a big boon to bring these children to the mainstream, some of them even being shifted from special schools to normal schools. that is why this invisible hearing aid also acts as a smile makeover surgery. It has been suggested that the implant procedure done at an earlier age stands the highest chance of improvements in hearing as the brain is still in the learning stage and auditory skills can thus be improved.

Pre and post-surgical treatment must include speech therapy in order to maximize the results of a cochlear implant.

Is affordable cochlear implant surgery possible with Treatment Possible?   

With a high credibility and reputation report, Treatment Possible works out ways to arrange for the best Cochlear implant surgery and affordable cochlear implant cost for hearing loss. Consultation with experienced Cochlear implant Surgeons is arranged. Most of the doctors are trained abroad and all of them are updated about the latest medical advances in innovative interventional techniques using only the best available technology in this field.

The cochlear implant cost is very high in advanced countries. The average cost of a cochlear implant in the United States is between USD 35,000 USD to 40,000. Treatment Possible ensures high-quality surgery is provided while we guarantee the lowest cost. Treatment Possible through its expert cochlear implants surgery team and medical tourism professionals has flexible payment options besides offering the low-cost cochlear implant cost package with customized treatment plans. Treatment Possible through its association with Hospitals in India ensures that the total expenses for the same cochlear implant cost ranges only from USD 15,000 to USD 20,000.

Cutting down on unnecessary expenses and concentrating on choosing the right doctor and hospital for international patients is our expertise and that is why we manage to offer treatment packages that are highly cost-effective.  Our understanding of the Indian Healthcare market and our valued relations with surgeons enables us to provide a cost that is reasonable, affordable and transparent. 

Ethical practice is strictly followed and thus informed consent to treatment is our base of working.  Treatment Possible also offers a hassle-free arrangement for travel and stay in India during the treatment period. 

In order to make the best quality care available to the patients, Treatment Possible works round the clock to provide a sincere and efficient medical and support staff team who arranges every tiny detail like travel, stay and treatment procedures.

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