Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery in India

What is Heart Valve Replacement Surgery? Heart valve replacement surgery is an option if the valves of your heart are too fragile, scarred, or damaged. Valvular heart disease develops when one or more of the heart’s four valves do not function properly. There are four valves in the heart namely the mitral valve, aortic valve, … Read more

Aortic Valve Repair in India

What is Aortic valve repair?  A healthy heart maintains normal blood flow in its four chambers. This function is performed by its four valves, which open and close during each heartbeat. Proper valve opening and closing ensure that blood flows in the right direction through the heart. The aortic valve separates the heart and aorta. … Read more

Mitral Valve Repair Surgery in India

What is Mitral Valve Repair?  Your mitral valve is an essential part of your heart and it has two flaps. As the heart pumps blood, your mitral valve open and close tightly. The mitral valve ensures that blood flows in only one direction, preventing backflow. If your mitral valve does not function properly, then you … Read more

Mitral Valve Replacement in India

What is Mitral valve replacement? Mitral valve replacements are procedures that may be performed to treat diseases of the mitral valve which is located on the left side of the heart. Surgery may be required if the valve does not fully open or completely close. When the valve is too narrow, it makes it difficult … Read more

Heart Bypass Surgery In India

What is Heart bypass surgery? Heart bypass surgery is also known as ‘Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery or ‘Coronary bypass surgery. Heart bypass surgery is performed when coronary arteries are damaged or blocked. The coronary arteries are blood vessels that supply your heart muscle with blood. Bypass surgery involves the creation of a new … Read more

Interventional Cardiology

Cardiology  Interventional Cardiology in India is genuinely the future of heart care, allowing complex procedures to be successfully completed while leaving the patient with literally a band-aid rather than a scar. Numerous interventions can be performed precisely through the insertion of a catheter (a thin, flexible tube), under x-ray visualization and benefit avoidance of large … Read more

Coronary Atherectomy in India

What is Coronary Atherectomy? An atherectomy procedure treats narrowed or blocked coronary arteries that are not easily treated with stents. Coronary atherectomy is used to open the coronary arteries which are blocked with plaque and improves blood flow to your heart muscle. Coronary arteries are blood vessels that supply blood to your heart muscles. Coronary … Read more

Angioplasty Surgery in India

stent is inserted during Angioplasty

Why do you need Angioplasty Surgery? Coronary angioplasty is used to open a blocked or narrowed artery around the heart and restore proper blood flow. Angioplasty is also known as percutaneous coronary intervention. Angioplasty is used to treat the build-up of fatty plaques in your heart’s blood vessels known as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). … Read more

Valvuloplasty in India

Valvuloplasty in India The dilation/widening of a narrow cardiac valve usually performed on Mitral,Aortic or Pulmonary. In a Valvuloplasty procedure, a small, narrow, hollow tube known as the catheter is performed to open a stenotic (stiff) heart valve and is advanced from a blood vessel in the groin through the aorta into the heart. Once … Read more

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