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Intravascular Ultrasound: A new Insight into Coronary Disease |

Intravascular Ultrasound: A new Insight into Coronary Disease

What is Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS)?

Intravascular Ultrasound imaging (IVUS) or intravascular echocardiography is done to detail the spread of plaque inside the artery wall that is identified by a small ultrasound probe inserted through the catheter in blood vessels. IVUS shows the cross-section of both the interior and the layers of the artery wall itself.

Intravascular Ultrasound procedure, IVUS is almost done at the end of Angioplasty with stent placement or Coronary Catheterization. Angioplasty gives a general look at the coronary arteries, but it cannot show the walls of the arteries. IVUS images show the artery walls, reveal cholesterol and fat deposits (plaques).

A tiny ultrasound wand is attached to the top of a thin tube called a Catheter. This ultrasound catheter is inserted into an artery in your groin area and moved up to the heart. The computer measures how the sound waves reflect off blood vessels and change the sound waves into pictures. Thus, IVUS provides a look at your coronary arteries from the inside-out.

Who Needs the Intravascular Ultrasound Procedure?

  • In order to find which blood vessel is involved in aortic dissection.
  • During Angioplasty, if the stent is not correctly placed. Thus, IVUS is used to make sure a stent is correctly placed or even should be placed.
  • If there is a need to view the aorta and structure of the artery walls (which can show the plaque buildup).

The outcome of Intravascular Ultrasound Procedure

  •      Intravascular Ultrasound procedure provides the detailed information inside the blood vessels.
  •      It determines the need for further treatment (Angioplasty or Bypass surgery)
  •      It determines the need of risk factors prior to the onset of symptoms and advanced disease.
  •      It determines the predictors of transplant coronary artery disease.

How Much Time it Take to Recover from Intravascular Ultrasound Procedure?

  •      If IVUS was done during Angioplasty, Hospital stay would be around 12 to 24 Hours.
  •      After Intravascular Ultrasound procedure, the Hospital stay is for about 3 to 6 Hours.

Cost of Intravascular Ultrasound Procedure

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