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Kidney Cancer Treatment in India

Kidney Cancer Treatment

Treatment for Kidney Cancer in India

Today, there are treatment options for kidney cancer that can raise survival rate after diagnosis beyond five years, by as much as 75-95% in Stage 2. Depending on the stage of your kidney cancer, one or more treatment options may be available to you. Some small cancers may not even need immediate treatment.

Your doctor will usually monitor your kidney cancer for a while before recommending a treatment. You will need a consultation to find out which treatment option is right for you. A team of urologists, oncologists, radiologists and pathologist will usually consider your case and decide on your treatment. You will have to discuss the benefits of your options and their possible side effects with your doctor.

The factors that will decide your treatment may include your general health, the location of cancer in your kidney and its size, as well as whether the cancer has spread to other parts of your body or into the lymph nodes near the kidney.

Stages of Kidney Cancer Treatment

Stages I, II, III: If your cancer hasn’t spread and is still contained in the kidneys, in stages I and II, kidney cancer surgery can often cure it. A Stage III cancer may have spread to lymph nodes or large veins nearby. The surgeon may be able to remove a Stage III cancer completely with surgery as well. The procedure may involve placing you on a heart-lung machine to temporary stop the heart and remove cancer from the vein that leads to the heart.

If your cancer is smaller than 3 cm, your doctor may recommend that you don’t get any treatment in the beginning.

Stage IV Cancer: A Stage IV cancer means that cancer has spread outside the kidney, to other lymph nodes or other organs. Treatments, in this case, depends on size of the cancer and your general health. Surgery may still be possible.

Chemotherapy is not very effective in shrinking tumors in kidney cancer. Your doctor may instead recommend targeted therapies in advanced stages, using drugs that may help to shrink cancer or slow their growth for a time. New drugs are often being developed for blocking the growth of new blood vessels that feed cancer cells or blocking proteins in cancer cells. Your doctor will discuss your options with you.

Various Treatments for Kidney Cancer

Surgery may involve removing a part of the affected kidney or all of it. Partial removal is usually done for tumors smaller than 7 cm if it is possible. The lymph nodes may also be removed. Your surgeon may also block blood supply to cancer if you are unable to have surgery for some reason.

A ‘secondary cancer removal’ surgery may sometimes be possible for cancers that have spread to other parts of your body. You will need a specialist to perform this surgery.

Biological Therapy:
If your cancer has spread, biological therapy is an option. This treatment may involve using bacteria or vaccines to instigate the body’s natural immune system to act against the cancer cells. There are many different kinds of biological therapies. Some of them directly target the cancer cells using antibodies.

Biological therapy is also often used to treat the side effects of cancer. Some of the options you will hear of in biological therapy include monoclonal antibodies, cytokines, cancer treatment vaccines, bacillus Calmette-Guerin therapy, oncolytic virus therapy, adoptive T-cell transfer therapy and gene therapy. Your doctor will discuss suitable options with you.

If your cancer is early stage and smaller than 4 cm, then cryotherapy may be an option. This treatment involves killing cancer cells by freezing them with liquid nitrogen. For some people, this method can cure cancer without the need for surgical removal. It is a suitable option for people who aren’t fit enough for surgery.

Radiofrequency Treatment (RFA):
This treatment uses radio waves to kill cancer cells by heating them. It can be an option if your cancer is an early stage, small cancer. It is also suitable for small tumors in both kidneys. Sometimes, RFA may be used to control symptoms by shrinking the tumor, but it is not viable if the cancer is too close to other organs like the bowel.

Chemotherapy is not usually used for common kidney cancer unless you have a rare condition called transitional cell cancer of the kidney. In this condition, cancer starts in transitional cells that make up the lining of the bladder, renal pelvis, urethra and ureters. Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer drugs to destroy cancer cells. There are new drugs being created frequently for chemotherapy, and sometimes, your doctor may combine chemotherapy with biological therapies.

Cost of Kidney Cancer Treatment in India

  • Cost of PET Scan: USD 200
  • Any Cancer Surgery will be provided within USD 4500 – 6000
  • Chemotherapy per cycle: USD 450
  • Radiation Treatment : USD 2500 – 5000

If you have kidney cancer and are looking for viable and affordable options for treatment, we can help you. We can get you in touch with experts and well-regarded urologists and oncologists who will advise you about your options. 

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