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Knee Arthroscopy Surgery Procedure, Risks, and Recovery - Blog

Knee Arthroscopy Surgery Procedure, Risks, & Recovery

This post is all about knee arthroscopy surgery and its uses.

What is Knee Arthroscopy Surgery?

Knee arthroscopy is the surgical procedure employed to detect and repair the problems in the joint of the knee. During the  Knee arthroscopy surgery, a small incision is made into the knee with an arthroscope. The view opened will enable the surgeon to examine the insides of the joint on the screen. Any problems are investigated and corrected using the instruments within the arthroscope.

Knee arthroscopy is used to treat many of the knee problems including meniscus tear or the misalignment of the kneecap (patella). Ligaments of the joint are also repaired using the same technique. Since the incision made is tiny, it has a high success rate and the healing period is lesser with respect to the open surgery. However, the recovery also depends on the severity of the problem.

At Treatment Possible, we offer many multi-specialty hospitals in India for knee arthroscopic surgery at lower costs and high treatment quality. Along with meniscus repair, knee arthroscopy in India is attracting thousands of patients from all over the world.

Preparing for Knee Arthroscopy Surgery

A patient must examine their general health prior to the surgery. Any problems that may interfere with the surgery are identified. If the patient has any health conditions or risks, precautions are taken to make the surgery comfortable. For a patient who is healthy, the knee arthroscopy can be completed in a few hours and he or she can register as an outpatient.

Knee arthroscopy can be performed using local, regional, or general anesthesia. Your surgeon and anesthesiologist will determine which of the three is suitable for you. The knee is cleaned before surgery and a positioning device is kept on the patient’s knee to stabilize the leg.

Side Effects and Risks

Apart from the general surgical risks such as that of anesthesia, the side effects of knee arthroscopy surgery are rare. Commonly noted complications include:

  • Fracture of the femoral head
  • Knee stiffness
  • Swelling in the leg. This will subside over time.
  • Accumulation of blood in the leg
  • Clotting of blood in the veins of the leg
  • Risks of infection

Fear not, however, for this is easily taken care of by consumption of antibiotics after the surgery.

Recovering from Knee Arthroscopy

Post surgery, it just takes about 3 to 4 hours for the patient to go home. Naturally, the patient may experience pain after the surgery. If it is severe the doctor will give medicines to reduce it. For the first few weeks, patients may need assistance to move or walk.

Recovery from a knee arthroscopic surgery is much faster than an open surgery. However, the patient should be careful and should follow the doctor’s advice regarding movements and exercises after going home.

Based on the strength of the bone and the recommendation of the doctor, the patient can apply weight on to the bone. Assistance from a physical therapist is often sought to restore the motion and maintain the flexibility of the leg. The patient will have to continue the check-ups with the orthopedic surgeon for a few weeks.

After one and a half month after the surgery, the patient can resume the day-to-day activities and continue the normal life schedule.

Treatment Options

It is important to weigh the cost-benefit analysis before choosing the Knee Arthroscopic Surgery in India. We encourage you to look into the various hospitals that offer the procedure in order to make an informed decision. The knee arthroscopic surgery in India is an ideal option for patients looking for affordable treatment at high quality. Orthopedic specialists in India will ensure that you have a comfortable experience in the whole treatment process and the recovery.

Treatment Possible works it out

If you or someone you know requires knee arthroscopy surgery, Treatment Possible can help.

In order to come out successfully with the best results, our team works with the utmost dedication and care. Not only do we arrange the patient’s association with the country’s best clinicians, but we also work out arrangements with the top-notch super specialty hospitals. Starting with the basic patient and family information about the disease and procedure, we work out cost-effective plans with informed consent.

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