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Why a PET Scan is Essential for Cancer Diagnosis - Health & Medical Blog

Why a PET Scan is Essential for Cancer Diagnosis

What is a PET Scan?

‘PET’ stands for ‘Positron Emission Tomography’. A Positron Emission Tomography Scan uses a special dye that has radioactive tracers. These radioactive tracers are injected into the body through a vein in your arm. Soon organs and tissues in the body absorb the tracer. When highlighted under the PET scanner, it shows the functioning of organs and tissues. It is especially useful in the case of cancer and helps with breast cancer treatment as the scan reveals the spread of cancer and shows the metastasized region.

A PET scan also shows the reaction of the tumor to chemotherapy treatment. As PET scan shows the functioning of cells, it throws-up image of cells and tissue that has been damaged by cancer and the spread of cancer which otherwise is difficult to ascertain.

PET Scan is most commonly used to detect cancer and its spread in the body. It is also used to detect heart problems, brain disorders and other problem with the central nervous system. Your doctor may need you to undergo a PET Scan to investigate the oxygen intake, blood flow, metabolism of organs and metabolism of tissues as well.

Availability of a PET Scan

In spite of being crucial for modern medicine, the PET scan facility is not easily available in African countries due to the high cost of investment and maintenance. To our knowledge, a PET Scan is available only in South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya in the whole of Africa. But the cost of these scans is prohibitive to common man especially those who do not have a medical insurance or medical aid.

A PET Scan in South Africa will cost anywhere up to SA Rand 36,156 which means more than USD 2,500. The lowest cost available to cash patient after discount was R 25,395 which is USD 1,813. It should be noted that this cost is only for the PET Scan and a cancer patient will have to incur other expense for Oncologist consultation. That’s the start of expenditure for cancer treatment which can mean long-term expenditure.

Choose India for Your PET Scan

If you are to compare the cost of an Indian facility, then the savings are huge. A PET scan in India along with Oncologist consultation will cost a patient USD 300. The difference is vast. The quality and accuracy of Indian facility are equally good to any world-class facility in the USA if not superior. For that matter, many of Indian hospitals offering this facility are accredited by JCI International which is a USA based certification body that sets the highest level of clinical standard in global healthcare. Being accredited by JCI itself assures of quality. But at the same time, the Indian healthcare system is more robust due to the high volume of cases thanks to the population. This and other factors have ensured that these hospitals provide world-class US approved diagnostic facility and treatment at fraction of the cost in the USA or South Africa.

If a patient has to come to India for a complete oncology examination then his entire cost of diagnosing, oncologist consultation, flight, stay, and future treatment plan will cost USD 1,000 to 1,200. Not to mention that further treatment requirement will also be a fraction of the cost compared to South Africa. This piece of information is crucial not only to patients that travel to South Africa from the rest of Africa but also to patients in South Africa who are not covered by medical insurance or a medical aid.

A PET Scan costs more than USD 2000 in South Africa compared to USD 300 in India.

You can contact Treatment Possible for this special package of PET scan and oncology consultation @USD 300. You will have to be in India for only 2 days.

Please note that this diagnostic scan is required only if your treating doctor feels you need to evaluate yourself for cancer based on manifested symptoms. Please spread the word. You may end up helping cancer patient needing low-cost treatment options.

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