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Stem cell Therapy For Autism Treatment in India

Stem Cell Therapy For Treating Autism

Stem cell Therapy For treating Autism in India

Autism is a neural development disorder which is characterized by impaired social interactions, mood alterations, communication, metabolic issues, digestive issues and repetitive behavior. The symptoms become quite apparent during the first two years of childhood and impact the way information is processed in the brain by altering the way nerve cells network and organize.

How can Autism be treated?

Autism treatment falls under one of the two categories: medical management and educational interventions. More than half of the children who are detected with Autism are recommended anti-convulsants or psychoactive drugs. They respond to medications; however, these can result in adverse effects. There is no medication known that can relieve the core symptoms of Autism such as communication and social impairments.

Stem cell therapy is an effective approach for treating Autism which is based on the ability of the stem cells to influence the immune system, metabolism and restore damaged tissues and cells. The treatment impacts systems and organs in a positive manner including the brain.

A treatment with stem cell enhances oxygen and blood flow to the brain. It stimulates the formation of new arteries as well replaces the neurons. The potential to repair the damaged brain tissue forms the core of the principle as stem has the ability to repair neural tissues at the structural and molecular level.

The stem cells that have been infused acquire the properties of cells around them and multiply to form these cells. This results in restoration of white and gray matter which, in turn, enhances the intellectual capacity of the individual. Research studies have proven that the immune system can be improved significantly with mesenchymal stem cells.

What kind of stem cells is used for the treatment?

A stem cell can be derived from the fat of the patient called Adipose, Bone Marrow and from Placental & umbilical cord blood. As the stem cell is derived from the patient itself (adult stem cell transplant) it does not have any side effects on the patient. All the stem cells are screened for bacteria and viruses before they are approved for the treatment. Stem Cells from the patient’s own body does not have any adverse effect on the patient.

Improvements due to stem cell therapy

  • Improved digestion and better tolerance for different foods
  • Some children start trying new foods
  • Autistic children start making eye contact. Children who have the problem with gazing at objects start looking at them with interest
  • Adequate behavior is demonstrated both outside and at home
  • Reduced fear of bright colors, strangers, and loud noises
  • Gradual improvement in verbal skills. The person starts pronouncing words and there is an expansion of their vocabulary
  • Development of writing skills
  • Improvement in self-care skills
  • More sustained concentration and attention span

Although there is a difference in the degree of the improvement from one child to another, they have been noted in all the cases. The key goal of therapy with stem cells is to repair the damaged portion of the brain, trigger the development of the brain and in order to prepare an autistic child for an adult life. Development of professional, learning, self-care and communication skills help an autistic individual during the process.

Stem cell therapy is a safe and effective method for the treatment of autism and the spectrum of disorders of varying degrees. Better results can be expected when the treatment is started at an early stage. The therapy turns more powerful when coupled with educational programs, proper diet, and proper parental care. There are documented clinical improvements strongly advocating stem cell for patients suffering from Autism.

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