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Can Stem Cell Treatment Help People Recovering from Brain Stroke?

Stem Cell Treatment for Brain Stroke

Stem Cell Treatment for Brain Stroke

A stroke occurs when there is a limited or no supply of oxygen to the brain. It can beas a result of blockage of the arteries in the brain or the rupture of blood vessels. This could lead to the death of brain cells. The effects of stroke include the inability to move arms, speak or see properly and walk; it could result in permanent disability.

Strokes can be classified into two types. These areIschemic stroke and the Hemorrhagic stroke. Ischemic stroke ismore commonly occuring, and it occurs when the arteries that provide blood to the brain are blocked, clotted or narrowed. Treatment for Ischemic stroke involves freeing the blocked arteries to allow free flow of blood.

Hemorrhagic stroke is caused by the leakage or rupturing of blood vessels in the brain, the leaked blood saturates the brain cells and kills them. To treat this form of stroke, you repair the ruptured blood vessels and block the leakages.

Symptoms & Traditional Treatment of Strokes

Symptoms of strokes include difficulty in speaking, numbness of one side of the body; numbness of right arm and leg, difficultyin seeing, inability to walk and headaches. When any of these symptoms are noticed, standard practices suggest the patient be taken to a hospital immediately for treatments.
Most of the traditional treatments for stroke focus on dealing with the symptoms, repairing the damaged arteries and freeing the blocked arteries. More effective treatments such as the Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) needs to be administered hours after noticing symptoms to avoid lasting damage.

Stem Cell Treatment for Stroke

Long before now, an injury to the brain is considered unrepairable, but with stem cells’ potent neuroregeneration properties, that notion is starting to fade. Stem cells are body cells that can differentiate into specific cells and have the abilities to regenerate dead nerve cells and tissues.
We get the stem cells from the patient’s body; it could be from his or her bone marrow or skin tissues.

Millions of stem cells are introduced directly into the damaged parts of the brain, and within months, thepatientsees asignificantimprovement in their conditions. Patientsare not just able to move a finger; they can move the whole arm that was completely numb and there are cases of patients who have lost the ability to walk being able to walk after treatment.

Advantage of Stem Treatment Over Traditional Treatment for Brain Stroke

The main advantage of stem cell treatment for stroke over traditional treatment is that it focuses on the cause of the problem; dead brain cells, so they pose a cure to stroke rather than managing the situation. Traditional treatments try to avoid further damage by repairing ruptured blood vessels in the brain and clearing up blockages in the arteries to allow more blood flow into the brain but they do not regenerate the already dead brain cells.

The traditional treatment must also be administered within hours of symptoms being noticed to be effective; stem cell treatment can regenerate dead nerve tissue in the brain months after stroke, making them far more efficient.

Older patients respond very well to stem cell treatment for stroke, unlike their relatively slow response to traditional treatments for stroke.

Side Effects of Stem Cell Treatment for Stroke

There have been no significant side effects recorded of stem cell treatment for stroke. Side effects noticed by most patients include a headache as a result of the procedure to allow for the injection of the stem cells directly to damage parts of the brain. Then, there is nausea and vomiting but nothing severe to worry over.

Post Stem Cell Treatments

Patients are followed up after their treatment so their recovery process is monitored and there is proper physical rehabilitation especially for those that have endured stroke for a while and have gotten used to being disabled.


Patient’s response to stem cell treatment have been nothing but fascinating. Those in wheelchairs can walk again, those who were completely numb to aside of their body can feel and even use that part of their body.

The Neuroregeneration properties of stem cells make us believe that dead brain circuits can be given life and shows the possibility that stroke can be cured.

How Treatment Possible works it out?

In order to come out successfully with best results, our team works with utmost dedication and care. Not only do we arrange patient’s association with the country’s best clinicians but also workout arrangements with the top notch super speciality hospitals. Starting with the basic patient and family education about the disease and procedure, we work out cost effective plans with informed consent.

An individual Case Manager is specifically allotted to each patient who responsibly takes up the case from the beginning to the end. You can look for free consultations with the most experienced Doctors who have been working with successful results. Right from travel arrangements to the details of the stay will be organised in order to make the experience hassle free for the patients and their families.

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