Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

4 Early Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer usually occurs when the abnormal cells tend to proliferate and form a tumor. According to statistics done on highly populated countries, ovarian cancer in India is at 3rd place. If not diagnosed and treated at early stages, it can develop in other parts of the body. There are various symptoms of ovarian cancer, like constant fatigue, changes in bowel habits, lower back pain, veginal abnormalities.

Women affected with ovarian cancer may not experience any symptoms. Ovarian cancer in women does occur at the age >50 years. Below are the 4 earlier symptoms of ovarian cancer that needs to be monitored and actioned upon:

  1. Abdominal bloating
  2. Pelvic pain
  3. Trouble to eating or feeling of satiety
  4. Frequency or urgency of Urinating

Abdominal bloating: If the bloating in the abdominal does not go away after making some simple changes in the diet, or lifestyle changes then you need to consult the doctor. Bloating is worrisome for the women with ovarian cancer. The pain lasts for more than 2 to 3 weeks in a month. According to a survey, nearly 35% of the women would consult the gynaecologist for the prolonged bloating and the rest would do changes in their diet. Ovarian cancer bloating is due to the presence of fluid called ascites in the abdomen.

Pelvic pain: Usually pelvic pain occurs during the menstruation, but if the pain persists even after the periods or before the period with severe pressure in the pelvis, then this indicates the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Consult the gynaecologist based on the medical tests, they will be able to deduct causes of ovarian cancer.

Feeling of Satiety: If you would have eaten a high-calorie food, it is still considerate to feel the fullness of what is eaten, but when a feeling of fullness occur as and when eaten in small portion then this can be the symptom of ovarian cancer. When the ovarian cancer is proliferating, it will cause issues in the bowel that will make it difficult to eat. This has to be consulted and treated immediately.

Frequency or urgency of Urinating: As per the survey was done on the symptoms of ovarian cancer, it is found that only 1% of the women were aware that frequency of urinating is due to the presence of ovarian cancer. Most of the women identified this symptom after the ovarian cancer is diagnosed, even though this symptom appeared for them earlier. When the ovarian cancer cells have spread outside the walls of the bladder or when there is the presence of the fluid ascites which causes pressure in the pelvis will lead to frequent urination.

The earlier diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer has expanded the lifespan. The above-mentioned symptoms may also be due to some other ill factors, but if these symptoms arise >10 times a month, better consult your gynaecologist and get it treated. The woman greater than 50 years old needs to be educated about the ovarian cancer treatment in India and the rest of the world. When the awareness spread it will be easy to eradicate ovarian cancer at the earlier stage.

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