Bone Cancer Treatment

Bone Cancer Treatment in India

Can bone cancer be cured? Most certainly. A multidisciplinary team of doctors including an orthopedic surgeon, a clinical oncologist, a radiation oncologist and trained cancer nurses will manage your bone cancer treatment at a specialized center.

Your bone cancer treatment plan will depend on the types of bone cancer, grade, and stage of bone cancer. Also, your age and the overall health are also given a major consideration before finalizing the treatment plan. Be aware of bone cancer signs and symptoms before it is too late. Get a bone cancer diagnosis as soon as possible. Following treatment modalities are used for bone cancer treatment. Your doctor may use one or more of them depending on your condition:

  1. Surgery
  2. Chemotherapy
  3. Radiation therapy
  4. Cryosurgery
  5. Biological therapy

Bone Cancer Treatment Cost in India

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Bone Cancer Surgery

Surgery is the most common modality used in case of bone cancer treatment either alone or in combination with other modalities. Nowadays doctors try to do a limb-sparing surgery but many patients will require an Amputation surgery only.

Limb-Sparing Surgery

The symptoms of bone marrow cancer (bone cancer) include pain and swelling in the area. It is a boon for patients and with the Limb-sparing surgery, the doctor will remove only the cancerous growth along with the surrounding tissue which cancer cells might have invaded. The possibility of the bone cancer surgery depends on the stages of bone cancer. In this case, after removal of the cancerous bone, an artificial metal rod or a prosthesis of biocompatible material is used to join the two ends. In some cases of bone cancer treatment, bone is harvested from some other part of the body and used for this purpose. In the cases, where cancerous growth involves joints like knee or hip joint, a  Total Knee Replacement Surgery or Total Hip Replacement Surgery is done along with this surgery.


Bone cancer treatment through amputation is required in the following cases:

  • If the cancerous cells have already invaded the major blood vessels and nerves in the region or the growth of cancer is so extensive that the limb cannot be saved.
  • If after the limb-sparing surgery, the prosthesis has been rejected by the body and the infection has occurred.
  • If the cancerous growth is in the part of the bone like ankle, where limb-sparing surgery is not feasible.

It always comes as a big shock to patients if they have to get an amputation. So, the team of doctors can arrange a supportive therapy if required. The bone cancer survival rate will be high. These days, even after amputation, patients can lead an almost normal life with advanced prosthetic artificial legs. They can even run, dance and walk with the newly advanced prosthesis.

Recovery After Bone Cancer Treatment

Involves many physiotherapy sessions and occupational therapy to teach you to cope up with day to day situations after an amputation or a limb-sparing surgery.

Chemotherapy For Bone Cancer 

It is usually given before bone cancer surgery to shrink the size of the tumor. It can also be given in combination with radiotherapy before surgery. It is given in some aggressive types of bone cancer after surgery to prevent cancer from coming back. Or else, if the cancer is not curable, chemotherapy is used to limit it and reduce symptoms. Chemotherapy usually involves a combination of drugs given IV. The treatment is given in cycles. The patient receives these drugs for a few days and then these are stopped for the body to have a normal count of cells again and then it is given again.

Common side effects of chemotherapy are because of its damage to normal as well as cancerous cells. They are:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Temporary Hair loss
  • Risk of getting infections
  • Tiredness
  • Infertility

The approximate cost of chemotherapy for bone cancer treatment in India is USD 450.

Radiotherapy For Bone Cancer

It is given either before or after the surgery. Radiotherapy involves the use of high beam radiation to kill the cancer cells. It is usually given in daily sessions given five days a week. Side effects of radiotherapy include:

  • Reddened skin
  • Feeling sick
  • Joint pain the radiated part
  • Hair loss

Other therapies include cryosurgery, biologic therapy etc. The approximate cost of radiation therapy in India is USD 2500 - 5000.

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