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Left Ventricular Assist Device

What is a Ventricular assist device (VAD)?

A ventricular assist device (VAD) plays the role of an artificial heart pumping machine. This is implanted inside a person’s chest in people who have weakened hearts or heart failure. This procedure to implant is an option for people who are not a good candidate for a heart transplant or for people whose heart is not strong enough to pump blood on its own.

Although a ventricular assist device can be placed in the left, right or both ventricles of your heart, it is most frequently used in the left ventricle. When this is implanted in the left ventricle it is called a left ventricular assist device (LVAD).

Your surgeon may recommend that you can have a VAD implanted if:

  • You are temporarily waiting for a donor for a heart transplant.
  • You’re not a good candidate for a heart transplant because of age (older than 65) or other conditions.

How is a ventricular assist device (VAD) implanted?

The procedure to implant a ventricular assist device (VAD) generally takes four to six hours. In this procedure, your surgeon will make an incision below your heart. 

You’ll be connected to a heart-lung bypass machine that keeps oxygenated blood flowing through your body during surgery if your heart is stopped during surgery. 

After implanting the ventricular assist device (VAD), the surgeons will take off the heart-lung bypass machine so that the VAD can begin pumping blood through your heart. Your lungs may have a difficultly in breathing immediately after your surgery, so you may need to remain connected to a ventilator for a few days after surgery until you’re able to breathe on your own.

What are the benefits of implanting a ventricular assist device (VAD)?

  • A Ventricular assist device (VAD) restores blood flow to a person whose heart has been weakened by heart disease.
  • It maintains or improves other organs and lets the person go through cardiac rehabilitation.

What are the complications of implanting a ventricular assist device (VAD)?

Ventricular assist device is open-heart surgery and has serious risks, the risk includes:

  • Device failure
  • Right Heart failure
  • Internal bleeding
  • Blood clots
  • Stroke
  • Respiratory failure
  • Kidney failure

How can I avail the services of Treatment Possible for a Ventricular assist device (VAD) implantation in India?

Treatment Possible is associated with Top cardiac Surgeons in India who specialize in affordable Ventricular assist device (VAD) implantation. We only work with Hospitals that are equipped with OT that are compatible with complex surgeries for Ventricular assist device (VAD) implantation. Not all surgeons can perform advanced Ventricular assist device (VAD) implantation in India so Treatment Possible only associates with cardiac surgeons in India and Hospitals who are experienced in operating complex Ventricular assist device (VAD) implantation and ensure a successful surgery.

Treatment Possible shall ensure high-quality Ventricular assist device (VAD) implantation in India while guaranteeing the lowest medical services and surgery cost, especially for Ventricular assist device (VAD) implantation. Our understanding of the Indian Medical Services and Healthcare market and our valued relations with cardiac surgeons enables us to provide the treatment at a price that is reasonable, affordable and transparent.

The results of the Ventricular assist device (VAD) implantation in India arranged by us have been mostly positive. It is very important to undergo all the prescribed tests based on medical history so that the doctors can determine the perfect medical solution yet manage to keep surgery cost low. 

Get Free Consultation with chosen Top Cardiac Surgeons in India with the hassle-free setup of post-operative recovery care, medical travel & stay during the Medical treatment. Check out more valuable information about Heart transplant Surgery in India by calling and talking to us.

You can also send your medical reports for Ventricular assist device (VAD) implantation to care@treatmentpossible.com for free opinions and suggestions from the best cardiac surgeons for Ventricular assist device (VAD) implantation in India. No matter what the health condition, you always get good healthcare options and cost advantage from Treatment Possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can LVAD patients go through a metal detector?

If you have an LVAD, you cannot go through a metal detector/body scanner. These devices can interfere with the implanted device. You may request a hand search.

How long does it take to recover from an LVAD?

The average length of hospital stay for LVAD patients is two to three weeks, and most patients will go to rehabilitation one to two weeks after being discharged. Care is individualized to meet patient needs.

Care at Treatment Possible 

At Treatment Possible, our main objective is to provide the best options for Ventricular assist device (VAD) implantation in India at the lowest cost. Thus, we recognize the significance of excellent health and well-being of our guests by preferring association with top cardiac surgeons and the best hospital for Ventricular assist device (VAD) implantation in India. We encourage you to educate yourself about Ventricular assist device (VAD) implantation, cost of Ventricular assist device (VAD) implantation in India and then make an informed decision. An individually allocated case manager takes personalized interest to design a tailor-made treatment plan for every guest and provide with a specific time, cost of the Ventricular assist device (VAD) implantation in India.

For an early response from a case manager, medical history and diagnostic reports can be sent to care@treatmentpossible.com.  About almost for a decade, Treatment Possible has been involved in guiding patients for appropriate and so assures you with wonderful experience along with the expertise of medical tourism in India. Treatment Possible invites you for a Free Consultation with the chosen Top cardiac surgeon in India with the assurance of hassle-free arrangements for examinations, procedures, recovery, travel and stay.

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