India Advantage

India Advantage

India has a cost advantage compared to western hospitals due to the large pool of surgeons, doctors, and para-medical staff. India has some of the best hospitals in the world which have been accredited by JCI International (USA Standard) and NABH (Indian Standard).
Treatment Possible ensures that you get the right doctor and hospital with excellent paramedical staff at the most reasonable price. Being in the industry for a decade, we employ our expertise to benefit the patients and make their ‘treatment possible’ at the lowest cost by the best-renowned doctors and hospital in India.

Our Expertise includes

  • Association with hospitals across all cities in India.
  • A second opinion of World's top medical institutes from USA, Germany, and Singapore.
  • Specialty wise surgeon selection depending on their training, skills, experience and past results.
  • Lowest quote guaranteed.
  • Post-surgery follow-up and medication assistance.
  • Guidance for alternative treatment plans.

Support Services for Patients

The objective of Treatment Possible is to ensure that our patient receives World-class specialized treatment at the lowest cost possible while we ensure that quality is not compromised. But we also realize that makes the experience smoother other ancillary support services are essential. We practice principal of 'Patient delight'. Not only should you return home with successful treatment but also memories of smooth hassle free experience. To ensure this we provide 360-degree service related to a patient and attendant which includes:

  • Assistance for obtaining Visa
  • Advising on travel planning
  • Arranging pick-up on arrival in India
  • Booking hospital bed. No waiting period on arrival in India. Same day admission.
  • Booking of Specialist Appointment
  • Booking of Diagnostic tests
  • Coordination with patient's insurance company, if any.
  • Sim card and data cards
  • Foreign Currency Exchange
  • Accommodation arrangement in hotel or service apartments in hospital vicinity
  • Visa Extension if required
  • Food to suit your taste-buds
  • Local sightseeing

We ensure that you go-back healthy with happy memories!

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