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Liver Cancer Treatment Cost In India

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Liver Cancer Treatment Cost in India

The liver is the largest organ in the human body and is located on the right side. The liver is an organ with a number of functions in the body. To name some:

  1. Secretion of bile to digest fats
  2. Digestion and storage of many nutrients
  3. Manufactures clotting factors
  4. Eliminates toxins

So, a person with liver cancer faces a lot of problems and has many signs and symptoms relating to the problems with these functions.

What is Liver Cancer?

Liver cancer is a condition where the normal cells start behaving abnormal and change in appearance and behaviour is noted. This type of cancer can be:

Primary in origin: started from the liver cells itself.

Secondary in origin: which is metastatic cancer and the cells have migrated from primary cancer in a distant organ.

Cost of Liver Cancer Treatment in India

Due to our long-standing association, we are able to ensure quality treatment from the best hospital for liver cancer treatment in India at the lowest cost for our patients for cancer diagnosis and treatment. We ensure treatment through most advanced LINAC i.e. TrueBeam by the best liver specialists in India. At the same time, our rates are the lowest in India.

Detailed Cancer Treatment Cost in India

Category PET Scan (USD) Chemotherapy (USD) Radiation Therapy (USD) Brachytherapy (USD) Surgery (USD)
Bone Cancer 250 480 - 680 2800 - 3400 na 3800 - 4800
Brain Tumor 250 480 - 680 2800 - 3400 na 4200 - 5200
Breast Cancer 250 300 - 480 2800 na 2200 - 2800
Cervical Cancer Treatment 250 na na 800 3800
Esophegal Cancer 250 480 - 680 2800 - 3400 na 4800 - 5800
Leukemia Cancer 250 600 - 980 na na 15000 - 25000
Liver Cancer 250 480 - 680 2800 - 3400 na 4800 - 5800
Lung Cancer 250 480 - 680 2800 - 3500 na na
Ovarion Cancer 250 480 - 680 2800 - 3400 800 3600
Prostate Cancer 250 480 - 680 2800 - 3400 800 2200 - 2800

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Liver Transplant Procedure

A multidisciplinary team from the best hospitals for cancer treatment in India will assess your case and according to various factors like size and extent of cancer, your age and health conditions, decide a treatment plan for you.

Is liver cancer curable?

Yes! It is Curable

In less aggressive cancers, this team will plan a cure for you but in more aggressive and highly spread cancers, it is important to know that they will try to only relieve you of any additional difficulties like pain, obstruction, and bleeding.

Treatment Planning Factors

The treatment planning usually depends on the following factors:

  1. Your age
  2. Type of cancer
  3. Extent or stage of cancer
  4. Abnormality of cells seen microscopically
  5. Your general health and fitness

Types of Liver Cancer Treatment

The main treatments available for liver cancer include:

  1. Surgical resection of the cancer
  2. Liver transplant
  3. Chemotherapy
  4. Biological therapy
  5. Radiotherapy
  6. Radiofrequency ablation
  7. Chemoembolisation which involves chemotherapy directly to the liver in case of primary liver cancer

Treatment based on the stage of cancer

Surgery is the best option if it can be done. These surgeries are done by the best hospitals in India for cancer treatment. Some underlying medical conditions may limit the use of surgical modality in some cases as in a stage 4 cancer treatment.

Surgical Removal of the Cancer

It is the treatment of choice in primary liver cancers. In the surgery, the surgical oncologist removes the part of the liver which is cancerous and the healthy part is left behind. This treatment is performed in cases where cirrhosis is not present.

Fibrolamellar hepatocellular cancer is removed by surgery as it develops in people without cirrhosis mostly.

Liver Transplantation in India

Liver transplant in India is an option for people who have an unhealthy liver. It involves looking for a donor match and then transplanting the liver from them. In patients in which after surgical resection of the cancerous liver, the remaining part is not healthy enough to function on its own, liver transplant is vital.

The transplant involves a meticulous surgery and the patient’s health and fitness have to be assessed. If you are very seriously ill, you might not be able to survive the surgery that involves liver transplant. Also, finding a donor usually takes months. So, during the time other therapies like chemo and radiotherapy are tried.

Liver Transplantation Criteria

Transplantation is usually done in patients based on the following criteria:

  1. Patients who have a single liver tumor which is <=5cm across
  2. Patients who have up to five tumors <= 3cm across
  3. Patients who have a single tumor of 5-7 cm but has not grown from last 6 months

Doctors will properly assess the patient before a liver transplant to increase the success rates.

In cases where the stage of cancer does not permit surgical resection, the following treatments are tried:

  1. Radioembolisation
  2. Chemoembolisation
  3. Alcohol injections into the tumor
  4. Microwave ablation
  5. Radiofrequency ablation
  6. Biological therapy with sorafenib
  7. Radiotherapy
  8. Chemotherapy

Advanced or Metastatic Cancer

In these cases, the treatment plan is to aid in removing your symptoms as the liver cancer survival rate is low. Sometimes, people with liver cancer develop ascites and the doctor might prescribe diuretics to drain some fluid away.

Treatment Possible Care for Liver Cancer Treatment

When it comes to receiving liver cancer treatment in India, choose Treatment Possible. We can make your liver cancer treatment possible. Get a Free consultation with a chosen top liver cancer specialist in India with the hassle-free setup for the test, procedures, recovery, travel, and stay. Contact us for more and check out valuable information about Bone Cancer Treatment in India.

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